How We Work

Why Should You Choose Us?

This is an important question anyone shopping for a service has to ask. Our answer: because we aren’t simply a web design company. HDA Web Design founder and chief programmer, Scott H. has owned businesses both locally as well as nationally, and knows how to get things done. When it comes to online marketing and effective branding, hiring someone with real-world experience is the ONLY way to ensure your online presence will begin heading in the right direction. This is our edge. Most site designers do not have this kind of experience, much less the ability to relate to business owners and effectively identify their needs in a dynamic and proactive fashion. We see things others don’t, we identify problems and offer solutions others can’t and we put in the hours others won’t. We forge long-lasting relationships with our clients and believe that reputation is responsible for 90% of success in business. Whether it’s a product or service being sold, we’ve been there and done that…and know what works.

We Will Communicate With You

A big problem in this industry is most designers just want to get in and get out. Sure, they can build you a nice site, but will they stand by and be willing to offer support if you wanted to add pages, change content or want to build or further develop your social network presence? Most won’t. We listen, are receptive and even offer to teach you how to maintain or make edits to your website or social network pages so you can do these things on your own if you wanted to. Or, we can take the helm for a reasonable rate for as long as you’d like us to. A chief complaint most businesses have when searching for a web designer is the level of communication and involvement they have with the designer throughout the project. Most web designers simply go on auto-pilot, and build a website that looks like everything else they’ve done for every other client.

No Pressure

We already know you’re interested in a top-notch website for the right price, so we won’t waste time on selling you. What we will do is present you with straight forward solutions tailored to your business type, clientele and the geographic area your business serves. There is no single magical formula for how to market a business online. What may work for one business type is surely different than what may work for another. Our job is to present you with enough options to make a confident and informed decision.

You Will Own Everything You Pay Us To Create

The number one problem we’ve heard time and time again from clients is how they’ve dealt with unscrupulous web designers in the past who  restrict access to content and databases and in general, make it difficult for the business owner to be in charge of their online presence. This is one of our chief concerns, and we cannot emphasize enough that when you pay us to build a site or maintain your social network pages, the content, and everything related to what you pay us to do is your property to do with whatever you please.

We Will Get Your Business Found, and Remembered

One thing every business owner has in common is their desire to stand apart from their competition. A quality website and a strong social media presence instills trust in your customers, and adds significantly to your professionalism. Memorable phrasing, high definition graphics and a layout that’s easy to use and pleasing to the eye are all invaluable components to converting a sale of your product or service in the 21st century.

We Are On Your Team

We don’t sell internet design and marketing, we sell our alliance. When you hire us you can be assured we are on your team. It is as much our job to obsess on creative marketing solutions for your business as it is to create and build your online presence. As every business owner knows, it takes a strong focus and single-minded determination to see through any project. Though it’s true no employee will ever care as much about a business as the owner, we aren’t your employees…we are your teammates, and we are gratified only when we see that what we did for you is working to your advantage.

The Choices Are Yours

We’re big fans of providing options. We encourage our clients to be involved in the design process as much (or as little) as they’d like to be. Color scheme, layout, pictures etc. are all highly subjective aspects of web design, and we’ll listen to you if you have input as to what you’d like to see. Further, anytime a situation calls for any one of several options, we’ll ask you what you’d like (if you want us to). We want you to be excited to show off what we’ve built, and that only happens when what we’ve done is 100% to your liking.

Building In Stages

Small and incremental changes are the only sure way to identify what will work for your business. Whether it’s an advertising campaign or launch of a new site or promotion, we do everything in stages in order to save you money and to determine the best course of action. Sure, doing everything promotion-wise all at once no doubt works, but if you’re unable to determine which component works best, you’ll have no way of knowing which needed to be improved upon or done away with.

Staying With the Times

In this industry (as in most) things are constantly changing. If you aren’t up to the minute with the latest technology and trends, you better believe your competition is. The latest shift to have occurred in technology over the past few years is the rise to prominence mobile devices have experienced. More and more people are using their phones and tablets to find what they are looking for, and if your website isn’t optimized for their device or browser…you’ll lose them. EVERY site we build is with this in mind. We place a high priority on how quickly pages load on mobile networks as well as the ability to view a site comfortably on all devices. Formatting text and picture features of each website to be easily viewable without making the viewer squint and strain to read and view is equally important. In the end, you want your business to be found, and you want to present your information as easily to the user as possible.